On June 8th, 1967, Soyuzselkhoztekhnika All-Union Association issued an order, under a Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, regarding the establishment of an Industry Scientific and Technical Information Agency, one of the first in this country and based on the Pushkino Machine Test Station. It was the Central Information and Feasibility Study Research Institute (TsNIITEI of the State Committee for Farm Machinery (Goskomselkhoztekhika) of the USSR.)  

…50 years have lapsed. Rosinformagrotekh FSBSI (a Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution) has become the largest research-and-production facilities that carry out work on research and analytic provision of the implementation of the State program for the development of agriculture and market regulation for agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013-2020, and state scientific and techincal policy for the benefit of the agriculture development.  

In accordance with challenges posed by the Government of the Russian Federation concerning the scientific and informational provision of the innovative development in the field of agriculture, the Institute performs the feasibility studies and informational monitoring of the agribusiness development in Russia and abroad on the economics, organization and functioning of engineering and technical systems, agricultural machinery market and  agricultural machinery level assessment, improvement of the maintenance systems, and on the state industrial supervision and steady development of rural territories. The Institute also tests cropping processes in fields, greenhouses, gardens, and nurseries, develops new instruments and equipment for machine testing systems, scientific and guidance documentation, as well national standards.

Our specialists and research officers develop regulatory and guidance documentation for engineering and construction of the agricultural industry facilities using the available archive (more than 1,000 typical designs.)

The Institute activities result in catalogs, reference books, scientific publications, brochures, analytic materials, and periodicals. These are the following: Newsletter of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; “Machinery and equipment for rural area” Information Analysis Journal; and “Agribusiness informational and technical support” Abstract Journal.  The Institution has been building up data bases and banks for agribusiness machines and processes for more than 20 years. The users of this information are the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, governing bodies of agribusiness of constituent territories of the Russian Federation, research and educational institutions, informational and consulting services, associations, enterprises, agencies, etc.

As part of the implementation of the key higher education professional educational programs, Rosinformagrotekh FSBSI trains high qualified staff at the post-graduate course according to the following specialties: 35.06.04; Processes, mechanical appliances, and power equipment in agriculture, forestry, and fishery; 38.06.01; Economics.

A printing office that is fitted with equipment intended for digital and offset printing processes and ensures high printing rating and quality of printed products functions at the Institute.

We are open for cooperation and we are sure that one is able to create competitive products, improve production efficiency, find partners and investors in various economic conditions only when one possesses information. While using intellectual potential, informational resources, as well as publishing and graphic art base of the Institute, You are able to achieve new successes in the agricultural business, development of agricultural production, in obtaining competitive and high quality domestic agricultural products.

We invite You for cooperation!

Structure of Rosinformagrotekh FSBSI

1. Administrative-and-managerial units

1.1. Management:

  • Vyacheslav Fedorenko — Director, Member of RAS, D.Eng., professor,
    phone: (495) 993-44-04,
    e-mail: fedorenko@rosinformagrotech.ru
  • Nikolay Mishurov — Chief Research Worker, Principal Deputy Director – Research Deputy Director, Head of Agroinnovation Research Center, Ph.D. in Engineering Science,
    phone: (495) 993-44-04,
    e-mail: mishurov@rosinformagrotech.ru
  • Victor Selivanov — Leading Research Worker, Deputy Director, Head of Farm Machinery Test Center, Ph.D. in Engineering Science,
    phone: (495) 993-44-04

1.2. Financial and Economic Center

  • Irina Milko — Chief Accountant, Head of Financial and Economic Center,
    phone: (495) 993-44-04

2. Agroinnovation Research Center

2.1 Department for analysis and summarizing of information on engineering and technological support of agribusiness

2.2 Department for analysis and summarizing of information on the agribusiness economic development

2.3 Department for informational and consulting services and analytic information

2.4 Department for generation and use of information resources

3. Research Center for State Supervision Authority Development Issues (Gostekhnadzor Research Center)

4. Information Technology Department

5. Printing and Publication Center

Printing Center

7. Farm Machinery Test center

8. Training Unit

8.1. Post-Graduate Course

9. Academic Secretary

II.  Moscow Affiliate of Rosinformagrotekh FSBSI (Giproniselkhoz Research and Design Center)

III.  Novokuban Affiliate of Rosinformagrotekh FSBSI (KubNIITiM)